Excellent therapy is a respectful space for you to look at where you’re stuck in life and make your own wisest decisions about how to move forward. Doing so builds courage and confidence. The changes you long for may take time, but they also require commitment. I provide my clients support and accountability to get there.

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Excellent coaching is not very different from excellent therapy. People sometimes feel that there must be a “problem” in therapy, whereas coaching is more about growth. Some people have also had very negative experiences in therapy and are  looking for something that is both different and powerful.

For individuals who are burntout at work and want to reconnect to their mission & purpose and then transition to their dream career, I offer a 12-week program called Dream Career Revival.

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supervision towards licensure.

I provide clinical supervision toward independent licensure for master’s-level clinicians who are pursuing either an LMFT or LMHC license in Massachusetts.